Educational Links

Apps for your Kindergartener:
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1. Connect-O-dot ($1.99)
   Students practice their alphabet and numbers in this fun twist on connect the dots game.
   Fun app to allow students to explore different instrument sounds and learn songs.
   This eStorybook allows students to explore different languages and interactive illustrations.
4. Ocean Forests ($2.99)
   Virtual under water world of sea creatures filled with fun facts, stories, and additional fun.
5. Invetioneers ($2.99)
   Allows students to use creative and inventive play, while solving problems and making their own inventions.
6. Plum's Photo Hunt (Free)
   This app allows students to go on photo missions with interactive field journals to add notes.
   An interactive story that helps children learn to tell time while they are having fun!
   Practice spelling sight words while you search for gold in this Wild West Town.
   Offers many different ways for students to master basic math skills.
10. More or Less ($2.99)
   Use virtual manipulatives to help represent addition and subtraction problems and gain understanding of the mathematical concepts.
   Interactive eStorybook to help students learn how to handle time away from their parents.
12. Kids US Atlas (Free)
   Explore the US through its animals, states, landmarks, etc. through this virtual atlas.
13. Imagistory (Free)
   Offers creative thinking and story making with the use of 2 free wordless books and 4 additional books for purchase in-app.
14. Auto Repair ($0.99)
   Using creative, logical, and problem solving skills students must repair unique automobiles.
15. Train your Hand ($2.99)
   Provides students with practice in fine motor and tracing development to help with hand-writing practice.
Educational Websites:
   Dr. Seuss is always fun and offers many different educational ways for children to create, write, read, and more!
2. PBS Kids 
   This site allows your children to have fun learning at their own level with their favorite PBS characters!
   Starfall focuses on reading and math through games and guided reading practice.
   Separated by grade level with many different videos, games, activities, etc. for the student to explore.
   Based off TIME magazine, gives kids many resources for current events, history, geography, etc. 
6. National Geographic for Kids 
   All the fun of National Geographic facts in a Kid friendly manner.
7. The KIDZ Page 
   Over 5000 educational games and activities that are fun for kids.
8. Fun Brain 
   Just like it sounds. Helping your brain have fun-while it learns!
   I don't know about you but I love looking at the farmer's almanac, now kids can too!
   Celebrities read your favorite stories to you and you can read along with them!
11. Moby Max 
   Learn at your own pace in all sorts of ways with different games, activities, custom for your learning needs